28 feb 2002, 00:12

Wie kan Joegoslaaf helpen aan mooie ansichtkaart van Groningen?

Wie van onze lezers heeft en bijzondere ansichtkaart van Groningen? Een van onze lezers in het vroegere Joegoslaviƫ is er naar op zoek. Hieronder zijn verzoek (in het Engels).

Dit katern wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door:

Hello, I am writing to you in hope that you will be able to help me. I found your e-mail address when I was searching about Groningen. I am a postcard collector from Yugoslavia. I have a large collection of postcards from all over the world but still none from Groningen, The Netherlands. I collect postcards with city views, famous (local) buildings, historic places and landscapes. I would like to ask you for a small favour to send me a stamped and written postcard (city view or famous (local) buildings, old houses, old churches, city hall) from Groningen to help me make my collection more complete. Please help me it is very important for my collection. My address is: Janos Bajusz Nova u. 1 24430 ADA Yugoslavia Hope to hear from you very soon. Kind regards, Janos